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Shelter Construction & Stocking
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Begin making shelters near to the places where you spend most time. Regularly consider what you will do if you're caught away from your hidey holes.

.See also: Deluxe Shelter, la Carte. (fiction)

Entrance to Underground Shelter

Crawl Space Shelter

leftover tiles from counters, bathroom & livingroom on underside of floor
measure the windowseat cushion for a plastic seal
make closed cell foam matresses the size of the windows in the family room
Breathing tube. Install in advance. Prewire battery to ventilation fan.
Pre-fill sand bags and restack into hole (to prevent termite problems.
Use potting soil bags for top layer.


Water. Camping potty. No cook food. KI. Shortwave radio in faraday box. Pectin. Housekey for getting back into the house.

Expedient Shelter

Build this above the crawlspace shelter, if possible. All beds mattresses & box springs. Spa cover. Blankets, cushions, clothes. Pillows.

Essays and Comments

Walkin-Closet Update

This comment was never posted:
I dropped some cement into the walls of my closet when we had the roof off the previous summer for repairs. Some of that didn’t go all the way down because of diagonal supports, but the lower half of the wall was able to be supplemented with box springs and mattresses on the outside, on three sides. The fourth side has mostly tile walls and could have been supplemented with boxes of books that could be brought in from the garage. The attic above was pretty full of "stuff." The roof was high and thick composite tile.

The crawlspace below the shelter has a new false "ceiling" filled with boxes of tiles left over from a big "great room" tile project last summer. There are enough already filled sandbags stored strategically under the house to quickly build a wall in the crawlspace around the boundaries of the shelter "room". They would be pre-stacked except for danger from termites. This job can be easily accomplished in under five minutes. The crawlspace ventilation openings around the foundation of the house have adjustable furnace vent covers that can be operated from outside the house.

A pre-installed breathing tube accessing outside the sandbags is outfitted with a hepa filter and fan powered by a deep charge battery which would have to be transported from the opposite side of the house in a wagon. This will produce the needed positive air pressure and sufficient oxygen for three adults, providing the neighborhood air has oxygen in it. However, my batteries are being charged on the opposite end of the house, where I can do so safely indoors in a closet ventilated to the outside. So, this part could be tricky if there is not anyone strong available to lift the battery into a wagon. I’m considering wiring from the batteries in-situ to the ventilation tube, to avoid this problem, but I have to consider if I can afford the energy loss from the long wire. I don’t even know if this is a problem. This obviously is not the best shelter ever designed, but I thought it was the best I could do for now.

Posted onto the inside of the closet door, using a frame that I had purchased from a hotel supply catalog, is a removable checklist of last-minute tasks to ensure that the shelter will do its job. These include such reminders as to pull the crawlspace sandbags into position, to deliver a battery into the bushes and connect it to the wire already strung, to bring a chair into the closet before closing and locking the door, and to use duct tape to seal the door shut. --- '01-Apr-1stGo to top of this page


This Comment was Posted on Bomb Shelter Forum on Lost Thread
...progressive desensitization. Look for that with a search engine to learn about how to overcome all kinds of phobias. 

The mural idea is a good one. You might paint clouds on the upper parts of the walls and the ceiling, as some parents do for their kids. There are some lights that provide a full spectrum, and that might help you to feel as though you are outside.

An atomizer, such as the ones sold in airline catelogs and Sharper Image would dry out the air. Perhaps a noise maker such as those some people use to calm themselves when trying to sleep, playing whale songs or surf or waterfall...

Your sense of smell might also be able to help you. I've never investigated so-called aroma therapy (can you tell I'm living in California?), but I would bet they would have some that could make you think you were in a field of flowers. --- '01-Apr-7thGo to top of this page

Languishing Civil Defense Programs

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I believe that the reason for a lack of political interest in civil defense is that there is not an established industry to push for it. Fallout shelters are produced through the work of poorly organized local construction workers, handimen and day laborers. Economical shelters cannot be mass produced and shipped to the end user.

If a construction company were to specialize in producing fallout shelters they might generate enough revenue to make contributions to political campaigns. But, doing so wouldn't produce more business for the firm, but rather equally for them and their competitors, other construction companies. Politics can only come to into the picture after there is already enough business for the industry to band together in a professional association.

Besides money, the other political currency is votes. Most people, these days, probably live in neighborhoods where they would not be allowed to construct a shelter. Apartment and condominium dwellers and renters are clearly unable to get access to a good place to dig. Even suburban neighborhoods Have you been here before? Refresh Your Cache! ...especially if you're not seeing expected updatestypically have restrictions against unapproved construction. Rural folks don't feel they're in as much danger from nuclear events.

Thus, there is not much of a political constituency. --- '01-Oct-8thGo to top of this page

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