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Books Featured in American Survival Guide

If you're read about an interesting book in American Survival Guide, chances are fair to middlin' that you can buy it here (some are not yet available in stores when the review is written). We've tried to include not only those reviewed by the magazine, but also those mentioned in other areas of the magazine.

Just click on a title below for more information, then use your browser's "back" button to return to this page. If you wish to purchase a book, just place it in your "shopping cart" at When you are ready to purchase your books, click on "Buy Items Now" at and they will lead you through the steps of placing your order. Once you have your shipping information on file with, additional orders are quicker and easier to place.

April 1997

March 1997

February 1997

February was a tough month. Of the seven books listed in the February issue, only one was available through We'll add the others in the future, should they become available.

January 1997

December 1996

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