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Safe Zone Ballistics

Safezone's 31 years of engineering, design, manufacturing, and installation makes it one of the most successful companies worldwide. Safe Zone Ballistics manufactures world class quality ballistic grade building structures along with retrofit components suitable for defending against a wide variety of threats of a more violent nature, both human and nature induced. Safe Zone’s quality structures include doors, windows, floor panels, wall panels, stairs, landings, foundations, safe rooms, and mobile units for both new and retrofit existing structures.

Applications include commercial, government and residential emergency preparedness for numerous types of unanticipated threats to personal safety as well as safeguarding valuable personal property, whether the risk is accidental or intentional.

The technology and engineering used in creating your safe zone space has already been used successfully in a number of residential, governmental and commercial facilities all around the world. Safe Zone Ballistics' products have been active in a 31 year history of internationally providing ballistic resistant facilities for use in conflicts.

Live Action Video of Safe Zone Products

Visit our Product Performance section to view actual videos of successful testing done on the structures and components of Safe Zone products, including a simulated car bomb using more than 1,000 pounds of TNT and with a blast pressure of over 1,200 miles per hour.