Knowing What's Important Is What Radius Is About

Bomb shelter protection from nuclear, biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction, terrorism and war.

The News
Before we give you the good news we have to give you the bad news: a staggering 79% of America's top foreign policy advisors believe America will be attacked on a 9/11-scale within the next 5 years. They predict these attacks will use nuclear, biological or chemical weapons.

Terrorist Attacks
Some analysts are more certain than others, but they all see the terrorism threat increasing each year. Most Americans do not have the defense systems in place to protect themselves and their families from terrorism. Take two families, one unprepared and one one prepared, and follow them through a terrorist attack.

Family Protection
The unprepared family will not fare well. Duct tape and face masks will buy little time. They will most likely be victims of terrorism. Lack of knowledge about the survivability of nuclear, biological and chemical attacks is one of the main reasons for this depressing scenario.

Principles of Protection
PRINCIPLES OF PROTECTION, The US Handbook of NBC Weapon Fundamentals and Shelter Engineering Design Standards, now in its Fifth Edition, has been the bible in the underground shelter industry since 1987. It educates readers about the real effects of nuclear-biological-chemical weapons and modern technical know how to design shelter to resist these effects. There are various tables on nuclear weapons effects based on different size weapons and distance from ground zero. It is well referenced using scientific sources and written by Walton McCarthy who is the president of Radius Engineering Inc. now entering its 30th year designing and building underground shelters.

interior of bomb shelter

The Underground Bomb Shelter
The prepared family will enter the Radius underground bomb shelter. They won't feel closed-in or claustrophobic because the underground living space is brightly lit and egg shaped, something humans respond to very well. They will be warm because their shelter has a self-contained underground power supply. They will be healthy because their shelter will be equipped with a multi-chamber air sterilization system.

Complete Protection
Within 30 days -- not 30 months, not 30 years-- the prepared family will exit from their shelter. Even at ground zero radiation levels will be back to normal within 30 days.

Bomb shelter manufacturer Radius Engineering creates comfortable underground housing Family Safety in Terrorist Times

At Radius Engineering Intl., knowing what's important is what we're all about.

I sincerely hope the day never arrives when we need our nuclear, biological and chemical shelters in the United States.

For the American family the key to fighting terrorism is first to survive it. Automatic weapons won't be helpful against a biological pathogen, a blister gas release or dirty bomb radiation.

You know what's important. Keeping your family safe is what Radius Engineering is all about.

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Radius bomb shelter family protection from terrorism

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