Robert Jones Owner/Operator

S.E.A.D.S. inc.

P.O. Box 16176,

Plantation, Florida 33317-6176

(954) 540-2860 

March 2, 2001

 Client’s Company Name Here.

  Dear Client’s name here,

 Will you let us save you $100.00, and maybe even $1000.00 of dollars? 

We can host your domain and save you the expense of upgrading your office equipment, staff and phone service. We will offer you all of our Gold member benefits at a reasonable and affordable price. S.E.A.D.S. Services will save you $100.00 and maybe even thousands of dollars. 


We at S.E.A.D.S. wish only to see your business grow and to keep you the client happy. As your industry expands we will be here for you and be able to expand our services to you as your needs increase.


The enclosed proposal outlines the details of what we'll do and how successful we hope our services will be you and other companies we work with.  In fact, we guarantee you'll save no less than $1,000 a year as a result of our efforts.


Please review our proposal and know that our business is here for you and all of our other customers. S.E.A.D.S. as a corporation can only be as successful as our service to you the client is. We can only expand our corporation as our clients expand in business or industry. This is why S.E.A.D.S. will put 110% behind every client we have. If you as the customer have a problem we must grow to solve it. This is the basis behind our corporation, and I hope    ______________                         can keep growing, as this will only help S.E.A.D.S. grow to meet the challenges the future might offer. Thanks once more for your time and your business. I see a bright future for both of our companies. Once again I would like to inform you that our services are not binding and you are in no way locked into business with us. There are many other companies that may be able to offer you service but I seriously doughte they could ever match our level of personal service nor offer _________________ the growth potential that we at S.E.A.D.S. will do our best to guide and grow with.


Please review our pricing and services attached and let us know how we can help you and your company grow and expand in the information services of today and tomorrow.



Robert Jones Owner / operator

S.E.A.D.S. Inc.                       


The below price list is as of March 2, 2001 and may change but is valid at present and will stay in force for the duration of service between client and service agency.


Prices Quoted to: _____________________________________________


Terms of agreement are at the customer’s discretion. Client may cancel upgrade or down grade terms of this agreement at the time of each and every payment. Terms of any agreement between _________________ and S.E.A.D.S. Inc. are in affect until the next renewal of modification to this mentioned agreement. If for any reason client terminates this contract wit S.E.A.D.S. Inc. Client is only responsible for the last agreed upon contract but may still cancel, discontinue or terminate his agreement with S.E.A.D.S. at any time and the terms of this contract will end one month from previous agreements between S.E.A.D.S. Inc and _________________.

Client may remove any data, information, files or additional text, data, or web related information from S.E.A.D.S. Services with full security that all said mentioned information will not paper on S.E.A.D.S, Web site, servers, or premises. S.E.A.D.S. will delete, remove of destroy any said data pertaining directly to the web pages and hosting services offered to _________________, at the discretion of management and the agreement of _________________. The ownership of any domain names will be released to _________________ _________________  or any other said official with the rights and approval of the client’s Corporation board and or Directors of _________________ authorized to make said corporate decisions. This agreement does give S.E.A.D.S. management, the same rights as above client to cancel, terminate, or discontinue any and all services S.E.A.D.S. offers at present or may offer to said client In the future. Once again at the time of terminations of this contract between S.E.A.D.S. Inc. and _________________ both mentioned groups, individuals organizations or corporations all data belonging to _________________  or used to host, Sponsor or support _________________ Web pages Directly will be Removed, Destroyed or deleted at the discretion of S.E.A.D.S. management, director or owner operator with full disclosure to _________________  _________________  or governing body with legal right to manage _________________ business activities.


_________________: ___________________________________  Date: ___/____/____


S.E.A.D.S. Inc. Representative: ___________________________     Date: ___/____/____


Below are the latest pricing and services offered to _________________. All services are flexible and may be changed upgraded, downgraded or terminated as per the above agreement. Clients are billed Monthly, Quarterly, or Annually as per set agreement at time of signing above.


Monthly: __________              Quarterly: ___________          Annually:  __________


Please check or X one of the above:


Basic Service: ________          Gold Service: _________         Platinum Service: ________


Please check or X one of the above:







S.E.A.D.S. Web page hosting pricing 3/01/01 Billing cycle March 2, 2001

$20.00 Registration fee (internic)

$60.00 Base page set up (Standard 8 pages with theme, email, and links.)

$40.00 first month hosting

$45.00 Registration fee (Top 10 search engines)


$165.00 Total First moth includes:


Free Services:

·        1 full web page over haul  ($150.00 Value)

·        First two months of unlimited updates to web site

·        First two months of unlimited updates including additional links, pages, images, data incorporation, modifications, removal, and changes.

·        Third month up to 20 updates as mentioned above.

·        5 email accounts (Base) 10 email accounts (gold) that may be used for any and all site related, personal or Professional purposes.

·        (Bonus) Optional services to client______________________________



____________________________________________________________ (×)


Base services pricing:


·        $40.00 A month Hosting charge (up to 40 megs of space on S.E.A.D.S. Server)±

·        $80.00 A month Hosting charge (Gold 100 megs of space on S.E.A.D.S. Server) ±

·        $180.00 a month Hosting charge (Platinum 300 megs of space on S.E.A.D.S. Server)±


All Hosting includes:

·        Web Page Hosting (DNS entry additional fee)*

·        24 hour Monitoring (Web Master available 24 hours a day)**

·        97% Guarantied uptime (Pro rated on fees)***

·        Basic Registration with Three search engines (Varying)+

·        12 updates per month (See updates)++

·        5 email accounts (via your domain)-

·        Client FTP access (FTP Access Clients)—

·        1 free public news group listing


10.00 a month DNS listing (free with Platinum)*+


Additional Services:

·         Additional email accounts ($10.00) Monthly. ($25.50 Quarterly) ($60.00 yearly)

·         10 additional email accounts ($15.00) Monthly. ($35.00 Quarterly) ($90.00 yearly)

·         10 Megs of space   $5.00  (Monthly)

·         40 Megs of space   $15.00 (Monthly)

·         100 Megs of space $40.00 (Monthly)

·         300 base search engine registrations $350.00


·         Premium Search engine Registration $100.00 – $200.00 per engine Dependent on market price for Search Engine registration fees (Most Guarantee 72 hour review of your site)"

·         User FTP access 25.00 a month (same pricing as above for web space)ª

·         News Group addition 10.00 a month (5 free with Platinum service)§

·         Mass Mailing service available on a per instance basis¨



Below is a listing of definitions, features and service. If you have any problems or concerns please contact S.E.A.D.S. services or Webmaster at: or

× This service is offered as a Bonus to this Client _________________________________________ as a service but is normally billed able. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


± Storage space on server is for files, data, graphics, images, and general web page storage. Client may upgrade, downgrade, or generally change space usage monthly as per this contracts agreement. If client exceeds allocated space, client will be informed by S.E.A.D.S. personnel per email first then on the phone or in person 48 hours latter. If not cleared or upgrade after 5 working days, the over allocation of space may be cleared of older or unnecessary information as per S.E.A.D.S. webmasters decision. Data will be stored or backed up until such a time as this contract is null and void or contract terms are renegotiated with client.


*DNS entry is an entry into the domain name server that will correlate the clients Domain name with the local server the client’s site is hosted on.


** S.E.A.D.S. will have a Webmaster available 24 hours a day to review any possible situations that may arise. This means if any problems arise with the web site after first contact with client, Webmaster will look into the issue and do his best to resolve any situation that may prevent a web user from viewing the web site. This does not guarantee immediate resolutions as the web hosting industry and the Internet have many issues beyond the control of S.E.A.D.S. and its webmasters. Though the Webmaster will do all in his power to keep the site up and running at all times.


*** If for any reason the clients site becomes available to the internet (excluding, acts of god, power outage, DNS or ISP failure) S.E.A.D.S. will prorate that months service charges and issue a credit to the client on the next contract agreement as a sign of good faith that the issue was irresolvable at time of incident.


+ Registration will depend on present Internet search engines and charges associated with said search engine. Yahoo, excite, go network, AltaVista, Lycos, WebCrawler, Alta seek, find it, Novaseak, Googol are just a few of Hundreds of possible search engines client’s site may be listed with.


++Updates are same as free services offered wit hall web hosting but are usually based on 8 to 10 S.E.A.D.S. Webmaster updtes. Clients may update their own web pages as often as they feel a need or desire. The client’s updates have no basses on S.E.A.D.S. basic updates. We will update the client’s site at his or her request but the client is responsible for getting information to S.E.A.D.S. web master via email, or in person. This is the only way our staff can manage the updates necessary for a web hosting service as S.E.A.D.S. offers to their client’s. Updates are not standard practice here at S.E.A.D.S. except to enhance web thru-put, browser compatibility, and other internally related necessities. Updates to client’s site, which affect the content of the client’s web, will not be done with out client notification or request. Updates to file system, server add-ons, extensions, and compatibility mates will be done to clients site as need be. No data content of organization will be changed without client prior approval or request.


-Email accounts are offered without guaranties against unsolicited or unauthorized nor can S.E.A.D.S. guarantee full and unhampered email transactions. S.E.A.D.S. does not support Spam and will do its best to keep unwanted mailings out of the client’s mailbox. No email will be read or accessed buy S.E.A.D.S. staff or web masters with out reasonable cause. Base accounts are allocated 5 email names per the client’s choice and may be forwarded to clients primary email address or kept individually accessible per client and S.E.A.D.S. email agreements.  Storage space of email at present is unlimited but may be changed if the need arises per S.E.A.D.S. management or clients pre arrangements with S.E.A.D.S. staff or personnel. S.E.AD.S. will do all in its power to guarantee correct and full content of emails received by S.E.A.D.S. server and will do all I nor power to get the clients email into his or her proper mail box in a timely manner. Dependent on general Internet condition and email server reception of email sent to its proper location or box.


-- FTP access to client’s web storage space is free and fully permitted by authorized client. FTP is File Transfer Protocol and is used as a means to transfer data and documents by the client to the client’s storage space. Client is not authorized to access storage space of other web clients, S.E.A.D.S. Webmaster, or server operating space, files, and locations.  Clients will be assigned a web space to store, access, update, or modify files and data pertaining to clients allocated storage space only. (Certain Public access areas may be available to client for shared web authoring resources as needed and permitted by S.E.A.D.S. staff, management, and web masters buts this is undetermined at present. 


*+Required to associate www name to web location and server address as well as email address and other site pertinent information.


" This is a new service that seems to be popular among the many 100s of search engines on the World Wide Web. At one time this was free to all but in past years it has become so profitable to the search engines that it seems to have become the norm among the larger sites such as Yahoo, Excite, AltaVista, and others. Most search engines offer free listings still but all offer no guarantee when your site will be reviewed or if it will even be added to the search engine in question. For further information on this service please contact a Webmaster at S.E.A.D.S. Inc.


ªUser FTP access is the access or an Internet user to upload or download files from the S.E.A.D.S. Servers. This will not affect users availability to access client’s data files related to client’s web site. This is a fee for S.E.A.D.S. server to allow large quantity data transfers that would slow or tie up the thro-put from the Internet and other client’s web sites. Client may allow ftp access to and from clients allocated storage space with no extra fees. If client offered large size files to be constantly transferred to and from S.E.A.D.S. web server the client may be asked to pay this additional fee to help alleviate the heavy bandwidth usage as with the additional fees S.E.A.D.S. can give the client more available bandwidth for clients users to upload and download above mentioned data files (large data files are considered to be files of 4 megabytes or more. Not smaller data files as in text and html pages. S.E.A.D.S. will be expanding its thru-put and this will eliminate any need for the fee but at present our resources to the Internet are somewhat limited In size and speed until said time S.E.A.D.S. must impose this fee to its heavy traffic users. This may or may not include your web site. Check with web master or S.E.A.D.S. staff or management for further explanation of this service and fee if you have any concerns about your site and status on the S.E.A.D.S. web servers.


§News groups pertain to a set of storage areas accessible via the S.E.AD.S. Network by pointing a newsreader to news:// Clients may or may not wish to take advantage of this feature. This is a location that visitors to your web site may be pointed to in order to disuse client’s interests, services, ideas, or just general information. This is a new service to our web hosts and we are trying it out at present. Traffic and bandwidth concerns may be reviewed if this feature causes any detrimental affects to S.E.A.D.S. servers or clients bandwidth. Please contact S.E.A.D.S. staff if you have questions or concerns regarding this service.


¨ S.E.A.D.S. does not support span on the Internet and will not allow this feature to be used on S.E.A.D.S. servers. But S.E.A.D.S. is a business and we will put you into contact with agencies that offer this type of service or offer it to you as the client on a per instance fee basses.


S.E.A.D.S. Incorporated Web Page Hosting explanations and definitions. March 2, 2001