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Educational Links

B.C.C.Broward Community College.

F.A.U. Florida Atlantic University, a nice university that shares some facilities with B.C.C.

F.I.U. Florida International University is located in Miami Florida.

F.S.U. Florida State University is located in the capital of Florida, Tallahassee.

NOVA Nova South Eastern University a very prestigious University in the Fort Lauderdale Florida area.

School of Culinary Arts Private, coeducational, two-year college. Urban campus. Founded in 1968. Accredited by Accrediting Commission for Career Schools/Colleges of Technology.

The Art Institute of Florida Touch your computer keyboard and the world can be yours. The applied arts at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale will transport you to places you've only dreamed.

Sheridan Vocational Technical Institute Sheridan Vocational-Technical Center is Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Council on Occupational Education.

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Corporate Links

Ebay The most popular online auction site on the web.

Google The most popular search engine on the web.

Microsoft Corportation The dominate software company in operating systems, web broswers, office productivity suites, etc.

Netscape Corp. This company a subsidiary of America Online, is a revile to Microsoft in the field of web browsing and web services. Formaly the most dominate web browsing platform.

Opera Software This company is a revile to Microsoft in the field of web browsing. It has been becoming increasing popularity.

Santronics Software, Inc. This company acquired Mustang's buliteen board system software, Wildcat (WINS), which S.E.A.D.S. formaly utilized.

Yahoo The most well branded search engine on the web.

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Online and Internet Service Providers

America Online Every one should be familiar with AOL. They have gone through a lot of changes and though all of the changes may not have been for the best, they are still one of the easiest sources to become acquainted with online activities.

BellSouth The regional local telphone company servering the Southern United States. They provide several different packages for consumers, including residential ADSL service.

CompuServe Owned by America Online, this online service is geared more to the business oriented consumers.

Earthlink This is the second largest provider of internet service next to America Online. Over the last couple years they have bought numerous other providers to increase their size and scope.

Microsoft Network This is Microsoft's own online service with all the frills of other providers plus quite a bit extra.

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Various Web Sites

Avault Game Cheats, Hints, etc.

I.E.E.E. International Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

NASA National Aeronautics and Space Agency. This government agency is responsible for conducting and/or coordinating U.S. space flight missions, research, and exploration.

Tucows This site one of the most frequented download sites of shareware that provide affiliates internationally a local affiliate of them would be

Wizards of the Coast - Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon and Dragon Message and Chat Site

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